Things that Calvin does'nt Like:

What are the things that you will never like. The best list will get a surprise gift :)

Contest ends on this friday 9th June. So hurry!!

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Third Eye Closed said...

Haa haa. Rofl!

Here's mine :)

1. Listing to "In my Experience..." at the rate of 5 times a second.

2. Walk into a bank really wanting to blow your top off and they put you to a very cute looking counter girl to talk to... the worst part is when you walk out convinced that it was your mistake that they show 0 balance all the time.

3. Drunk bad enough for the glass to look always almost empty.

4. Walking into office with a hangover to find it's just started.

5. Give a corporate seminar to all subordinates for 3 hours and they seem to be really somehow amused, when you are about to walk out with the elation, someone walks upto you trying to sound inconsipicous blutters into the mike "Your fly is open sir"

6. Have someone tell you what your age is.

7. Eat a lot of dougnuts enough to get sick of sweets only to go home and find a nice BlackForest sitting there entirely for you.

Life aint all that great... so the list actually continues for another 1,233,532,212,866 pages.